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Our Services

We offer various technical and business services specifically designed to help our clients achieve digital transformation, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Customer Support Services

As the world becomes more digital, there is a greater need than ever for businesses to establish genuine human connections with their customers. At NexusGlobalServices, we believe every customer interaction is an opportunity to build your brand. Our support networks are integrated with aspects of data and experience to provide the customer with an intelligent, effective, and low-effort solution.

Support options include:

Web, self-service, and bots

We take an innovative approach, allowing customers to interact with your brand through any media channel, device, and location, providing a personalized, effortless, and consistent client experience throughout their journey.

Business Transformation

We dive deep into your company's operations and create exceptional customer service experiences.

Banking Operations

Flexible customer onboarding, fraud prevention, and regulatory and network compliance management while keeping your customers satisfied.

BPO Services

NexusGlobalServices recruit, develop, and retain the most exemplary individuals in business process outsourcing to serve your customers as if they were our own. We equip every agent with robust technologies and training programs to provide world-class customer experiences. Technology is essential to our data-driven, CX-first approach to delivering exceptional customer experiences that propel your brand forward.

We deliver exceptional customer experiences in the realm of:

Back Office

Our back-office outsourcing assistance empowers your customer-facing teams.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We find, recruit, onboard, and manage the talent streams in your organization.

Back-Office Support

Back Office Support services are available to assist you in expanding your strategic planning operations support or simply meeting your payroll or other monthly obligations.

NexusGlobalServices is ready to assist you in achieving your goals and objectives.

Our human resources support staff is highly qualified and keeps up to date with continuous certifications & seminars to make sure we are up to date on the latest information, techniques, and regulations in our field and across various industries.

We assist you in achieving your business goals and objectives. Our team will be there for you every step, offering guidance and expertise as your strategic partner to help you grow your business.

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Inbound & Outbound

NexusGlobalServices is a cloud-based call center solution that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It offers a straightforward method for starting a call center from scratch. You do not need to invest in costly hardware or prolonged agent training.

Our VoIP call center solution supports outbound and inbound communication. It includes many useful features, such as:

Call Recording​
Call Monitoring​
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)​
Call Routing​
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Dashboards & Reporting​
Call Disposition​
Live Call Status​
Queue Whisper Announcement​

Consider how engaged your outbound call agents would be if they could handle customer rejections and consistently hit their connection rate targets. We make that an easy possibility.

Graphic Design

Great design has the power to transform the lives of businesses,  non-profits, marketers, influencers, and organizations of all sizes—every design element matters, from the logo to the colors used on a website.

The majority of people can appreciate a good design.  Most companies cannot find designers who can create unique designs at competitive pricing. That is why our service is so exceptional. Our graphic designers will surely exceed your expectations.

NexusGlobalServices believes that graphic design is more than just establishing identity and brand recognition.

Web Design

Web Design & Development

We are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet your requirements. Our expert PHP developers work on back-end or front-end development for web & mobile apps, as well as code customization and legacy code migration.

We are ready to begin your next project. Listed below are some of our most recent PHP projects.

NexusGlobalServices can work on every aspect of the project (from front-end design to back-end integration) or specific parts based on your needs, whether you are starting a new project from scratch or need development on an existing product.

Digital Marketing Services

We get your business in front of people who need your services using our search engine optimization and digital marketing services. Get your fully customizable and all-inclusive online marketing strategies.

NexusGlobalServices displays the exact work that is being paid for, and our programs are designed to accomplish a specific number of tasks.

Digital Marketing Team

The team is dedicated to forming long-term relationships with each client. We collaborate with you to develop a unique strategy for your company. Our tried-and-true strategies and methodologies produce results while maximizing your return on investment.